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Gas Energy Saver
Cooks faster
Acts as a mini tandoor
Roasts Papad, baingan, chicken
Fits all gas hobs
Burns gas more efficiently
stainless steel is dishwasher saver
Measures 14 cm x 1 cm,
Easy to use.

Product Description:
Gas Saver Jali is an ultimate device designed to save the precious LPG gas. You can not only prepare your chapati on it but also use it as handy mini tandoor for all your grilling needs like roasting Papad, Baingan for Bartha, Chicken & Prawns etc.
Energy Saving Gas Net fits over your existing gas hob burner and immediately makes the hob use less gas when cooking: saving money and energy. It’s basically a net made of metal wires arranged like bicycle spokes. Actually it provides the perfect height from the hob so that you can use the maximum heat of the burner. The net can increase the burning temperature from 800 degree Celsius to 1200 degree Celsius & reduces the cooking time also reduce carbon mono oxide from 0.18% to 0.026%; cooks food 14% faster. How It Works:

Works in 3 Scientific Ways to Save your Cooking Gas:

Firstly the Special mesh wires get charged and red hot looks somewhat similar to the wires that of an electric heater when turning red hot and thereby increases the temperature of cooking thereby giving you faster cooking and saving your precious LPG Gas.

Secondly its round wall organizes the burner flame under the utensil in a fashion that it protects the flame from escaping preventing the gas from wasting.

Third way is that in normal condition where the person is not using this device there is always some gas coming out of the holes of burner that does keeps on getting wasted and not burning even while the burner is burning. This happens due to the Gas pressure and air present in the atmosphere that some unburnt gas keeps on escaping from burner even while the burner is lighted . The Red hot Gas Saver attached on the hob traps this escaping gas within its Wall and Red hot wires , ultimately preventing it to escape so ultimately 100% gas is utilized without any wastage.


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